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Janneke Van De Hagen Shed Studio
Janneke Van De Hagen

We were very pleased to have Janneke Van Der Hagen shoot with us last week, at SHED photographic studio in East London. Janneke is a Dutch photographer based in London, and was shooting an editorial for Fat Magazine (Fashion, Art, Type) at our Haggerston studio. Janneke was assistant to Viviane Sassen for a number of years before becoming an acclaimed photographer in her own right, and has worked with clients such as Another Magazine, Dazed and Confused and L’official Italy, amongst other great publications. Her style is beautifully inventive with a soft aesthetic, and Janneke often shoots in low light creating a dewy texture to her subjects skin. We especially loved her series featuring the model Lindsey Wixson pictured above, and can’t wait to the see the images she has created for this month’s issue of Fat Magazine! See more of Janneke’s wonderful work here

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