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Another Magazine Thomas Lohr
Another Magazine

This week at SHED photographic studio we stumbled across the delicate work of Fashion Photographer Thomas Lohr in this months Another Magazine.  Laying in the midst of Another’s pages, the story is full of texture and pattern. This combined with a muted and monochrome colour scheme creates a beautiful and understated affect. The shots are dynamic with an element of movement, whether it be from the clothes or the model themselves’. Styled by Another’s Fashion Editor Nell Kalonji, the story draws upon textured materials and lines in the clothing, which collectively pull the images together successfully. Kalonji and Lohr’s creative style perfectly compliments each other in this editorial, and we would love to have the pair of them shoot here in East London at SHED photographic studio. Fingers crossed they’ll be showing us how its done at SHED in the coming months! 

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