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Masha Mel

Reading about some up and coming designer’s in 1 Granary Magazine this morning, we stumbled across the London based photographer Masha Mel. After studying in Berlin, and finding it a struggle to be taken seriously as a young female who wanted to “become” a fashion photographer, she moved to London and forged her way into the fashion world. Talking to i-D magazine, Masha states that her tutor degraded her on the first day of her course by announcing “being so young I’m not sure this is right for you,” in front of her entire class. However, once a hard clique for a young female to break into, Masha thinks that fashion photography has become more accessible in recent years due to the rise of the Internet and the digital era. She states it has become “easy to showcase your work and this is one of the reasons why we know about young women fashion photographers” in today’s creative climate.  We at Shed photographic studio love her work and have ultimate respect for any young female breaking into creative industries! Now having worked for clients such as Metal Magazine, Vogue and Please magazine amongst other greats, Masha is certainly having the last laugh!

See her portfolio here.



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