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Harley Weir i-D
Harley Weir

Here at SHED photography studio we loved Harley Weirs shoot in i-D magazine this winter issue. A graduate from St. Martins you are sure to have come across Harley’s work before, as she has taken the fashion photography world by storm over the past two years. She states that ‘A lot of my work is about exaggerating those mundane elements in life, making them beautiful and so allowing people to take notice,’ and this shoot is no exception, with Harley travelling to Africa to capture her subjects in everyday surroundings. However, styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois and the individuals' directed by Weir herself, the pictures look anything but average. Drawing out beauty in both her subjects’ and the locations Harley creates something magical, and with her sitters being the actual inhabitants of the area, the photos even have a slightly documentary feel, altogether combining to make truly wonderful imagery. Have a look at more of Harley Weirs fantastic work here.



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