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Pierre ange carlotti SHED
Pierre Ange-Carlotti

Today at SHED photographic studio we spotted Pierre-ange Carlotti’s story in Seventh Man, a simple and thoughtful series with styling from Lu Phillipe Guilmette. Usually shooting intimate portraits of his friends, collaborators and lovers as they cross the city of Paris, Carlotti is said to capture a ‘whirl of hedonistic youth,’ and has acquired the title of the documentarian of Paris’ modern day youth culture. His personal work has a raw style and appears to be shot quickly, capturing the moments of madness that occur on a night out, at home, or in the midst of the metropolis. He takes some element of this and uses a similar aesthetic in his editorial work, the pictures appearing to be lightly edited and most likely to have been shot on film. The model is sultry and direct, adding to the moody atmosphere of the pictures which often also resonates through his personal work. Pierre is definitely one to keep track of and is continuing to produce some exciting imagery, have a peek at his website here.


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