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British girls

This week we were exceptionally pleased to receive the first ever issue of British Girls Magazine! We at SHED studios love getting our hands on a new editorial and were delighted at beauty of the pictures inside British Girls. Predominantly about the models, British girl focuses on just that, British females who are working in the modeling industry. It looks to turn on its head negative views of the fashion world as exploitative and confidence destroying, instead looking at these women as one of the very rare opportunities for female earning power to cast a long shadow over male privilege. Exploring the relationship between model, photographer and stylist, British Girls hopes that ‘energy flows through the magazine.’ Over in East London we think it does just that, the stories inside making for esthetic viewing and at the very least, if you are a budding photographer or stylist, will come in exceptionally handy for a spot of model research! We would love to have the girls in the studio over in Haggerston, here’s hoping the next issue is shot at SHED!

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