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Gareth McConnell

Gareth McConnell shot a beautiful story for this months Arena Homme + magazine. With a unique aesthetic and varied lighting tricks, he manages to create an individual series. He plays with the colour and exposure, often leaking light into his image, which forms beautiful patterns and shapes across his sitters. McConnell also draws a lot of attention from his photo books, and after further research we at SHED studio think he’s a bit of a genius. One of our favourites is called Sex, Drugs and Magic: Book Two, and depicts images of 90’s ravers from the club scene in Ibiza. Instead of the pictures being your stereotypical sweaty drugged up dancing teenagers, McConnell’s images are somewhat more delicate and by choosing to photograph his subjects in their hotel rooms instead of the club scene, he maintains a level of detachment and leads you to wonder about the subject as a more sensitive individual. Made up of images he already had taken, McConnell achieves continuity between the images in his book by re-affecting them afterwards – cutting them up, photocopying, or layering them. These experimental techniques seem to have also influenced his editorial works, with similar manipulation present in his Homme + plus story, which is what we think makes his work so special. Have a look at more of Gareth McConnell’s images here.


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