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Dazed SHED

This month Robbie Spencer, fashion director of Dazed, pulled off an amazing shoot with photographer Robi Rodriguez. The shoot entitled ‘Night Moves’ was an interesting mix of feather boas, handbags and collage, all photographed with a male model. The styling had a 70’s/80’s feel with large jewelry pieces and shell suits jackets making an appearance. The images are beautifully shot, a mixture of studio, location and collage work, with also a combination of colour and black and white used. There is soft light used throughout, some images taken outside at night, utilizing the orange of the street lamps and it looks as though some of this aesthetic has been recreated in the studio situ also. Robi Rodriguez has shot for many publications from The Gentle Woman to Purple Magazine and has certainly made his mark on the fashion sector, combined with the highly renowned fashion director Robbie Spencer they certainly are a powerful team. We would love to welcome them to SHED photography studio over in East London, lets hope they stop by soon!

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