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Brett Lloyd

Whilst flicking through Dazed this lazy Sunday afternoon at SHED studio, we came across the work of photographer Brett Lloyd. After growing up in the Northern, largely redundant port of Hull and schooling in Yorkshire, he moved to London to pursue a career in fashion photography. We love his moody and thoughtful imagery, his aesthetic focusing on a more underground theme, mostly shooting on film. Lloyd manages to maintain the beautiful detail and soft look throughout his images and has shot for everyone from Vogue, to GQ to Dazed & Confused. Lloyd states that he is often ‘a nervous wreck’ when meeting models, and uses his photographing of them as a sort of therapy and measure of how he well he can overcome awkward situations. Whatever he is doing he is certainly doing it right, as his portfolio boasts a breadth of imagery all with the same consistent and effective aesthetic. If you haven’t seen his work recently be sure to have a look here

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