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Timo Kerber SHED
Timo Kerber

We are very pleased to have the wonderful photographer Timo Kerber with us shooting at the studio on this sunny Wednesday morning in East London. Timo has shot for numerous publications including Schon Magazine, Fucking Young and Harper’s Bazaar, and his portfolio is certainly one to be admired. Timo’s aesthetic is polished and unique, often introducing elements of creativity to add intrigue to his images. His photographs often have a very cinematic feel, and through the use of lighting and set a whole scene is created, all elements carefully considered, which come together to produce something beautiful. We loved the editorial Timo did for Schon magazine, each individual image telling it’s own story whilst simultaneously linking together to sit well as a series. We are excited to see what Timo produces today! Have a look at more of his work here.

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