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Sohrab Golsorkhi Ainslie SHED
Sohrab Golsorkhi Ainslie X TANK

Today at SHED studios we were excited to discover the work of Sohrab Golsorkhi Ainslie, a London born photographer and Art director of Tank Magazine, who didn’t study his craft but actually took a course in architecture at Cambridge University.  As we browsed over the latest issue of Tank Magazine, we came across his fantastic editorial, ‘Heavenly Bodies.’ The shoot, which showcases one of Raf Simmon’s final collections for Dior, takes model Lou into a surreal world that plays with everything round. The set is a key part of these pictures and is carefully constructed and positioned so there is an element of the circular in every image, successfully tying them together. The shapes bring to mind elements of space, the different sized spheres resonating planets, and the orange light present in many of the images bringing to mind the sun.  A few of the images are captured outside, and again Golsorkhi Ainslie is playful with his work, experimenting with shadow and utilizing the natural light. Altogether the series makes for an intriguing viewing and at the photographic studio over in East London we are applauding his unique techniques. It is interesting to see a photographer being experimental and having fun with his work, if you want to see more have a browse here!

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