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Alasdair McLellan SHED
Alasdair McLellan X The Gentle Woman

Alasdair McLellan shot Kirtsen Dunst for the latest issue of The Gentle Woman and did a very good job of it too. We can’t say that we are surprised, as McLellan’s career has gone from strength to strength in recent years. His work has a consistently beautiful aesthetic, whether he is picturing the locals of Doncaster in an urban landscape, or photographing top models with a huge team of groomers, every image has a certain quality. Alasdair McLellan has somewhat flown under the radar in comparison to many more visible fashion photographers but his work is becoming more and more apparent as the popular aesthetic in fashion photography changes. McLellan is one of the forefront figures of this shift, the polished studio lit work that has been so common in the fashion world is slowly but surely dissaperating and the style is edging back to a more real depiction. This new direction seems to be an extension of the Corrine Day era with her candid un-retouched portraits and some of our favourite work of McLellan’s is actually his photographs of the real world. His series 'System, Doncaster' is a good example of his other works, a lovely mix of real people, the surrounding landscape and portraits of models, simultaneously also mixing colour and black and whit imagery. His pictures have a very honest approach but still maintain an element of the romantic, and McLellan manages to create something as rough as a road digger after work, into a beautiful portrait. See more of his fantastic images here.

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