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Mert & Marcus

We were very pleased to have the fantastic artist partnership Mert and Marcus in the studio with us in East London this month. If you haven’t heard of them, Mert and Marcus are an infamous fashion photographer partnership who have been in the business for around twenty years. Highly respected, with an editorial feature list to make anyone swoon, they have worked with all the greats, including Vogue Paris, USA and Italia as well as some of the more underground publications such as Love magazine, Numéro, and Arena Homme plus. Much of their work is said to be influenced by the renowned photographer Guy Bourdin, who is recognised for his provocative and often slightly surreal imagery.

Mert and Marcus are most certainly two of the most inventive photographers working in fashion today. Their aesthetic is highly polished and colourful, with elements of theatre running throughout. The set is usually very involved and a lot of time is invested in hair and make up, with them every detail is considered and perfected even before the image is captured. They have often discussed their joy at working in both editorial, where one has more creative freedom, and for a client aiming to sell a brand; Mert Alas stating he ‘couldn’t do one without the other.’ The pair say the trick is to send a message to sell in an unconventional way, which they seemed to achieve instantaneously, their first images ever submitted were published on the cover of Dazed and Confused, and it seems their creative ideas have not since run dry. We are very excited to see their results of their day spent at SHED photography studio and would happily welcome them back to take over out space whenever they need! Have a peak at more of their infamous projects here.


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