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Liam Hodge X SHED X studio Harry Lambert
Liam Hodges X Harry Lambert

Over the last two weeks we had the incredible and pretty much spanking new designer Liam Hodges in the East London studio shooting his collection with collaboration from stylist Harry Lambert. Showcasing his first solo catwalk collection at the AW15 fashion week, the designer delivered modified tracksuit overalls, graphics of personalized license plates and road markings, and lots of layering. He states that through his collections he aims to examine masculinity in a contemporary way, resulting in real clothes, and as Hodge puts it exactly, his desire is to take ‘something quite normal’ and make it ‘beautiful.’ He definitely has a playful sense of humour, and there are elements of his work that are unusual and fun. His website boast an excellent picture of him topless with his signature missing tooth grin and we at SHED studios can’t help but love him for it. His philosophy is to create a brand that doesn’t just cater for the bourgeois section of society, but one which is also accessible and interesting for Kent bred boys like him, again expanding in his distinctive voice: the collection is not just for men who drive ‘Volvos.’ Harry Lambert is also a bit of a genius in his own right, and we are sure that they will have created something magical between them. Lambert’s editorial and commercial work is impressive, with a similar aesthetic running throughout, his taste clearly visible, which of course is one of quality. Have a look at more of lamberts work and catch a glimpse of Liam Hodges’ brilliant grin here

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