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Wonderland X SHED

So, we don’t like to boast but we at East London homed SHED studios do have a rather special relationship with the renowned publication Wonderland Magazine. We don’t know if you have seen their website of late, but Wonderland have been kind enough to do a little promo for us on their online platform after shooting with us countless times over the past few years and loving every second of it! Wonderland magazine is a brilliant international and independently published editorial, which offers a unique perspective on the crème de la crème of new and established talent across the board of popular culture, so as you can expect, we are very pleased to have a feature with them. Selecting with an individual sense of style, over at the photography studio we always enjoy Wonderland’s showcase of work and find the magazine to consistently be a great source for research, information and inspiration. They have composed some of the most recognizable covers and editorial stories in recent years, saying they aim to challenge and inform both men and women by producing work displaying the positive and playful elements of the fashion industry. Shooting with us today we have had a sneak preview of what’s to come in the next issue and it’s definitely worth a look! Check out their SHED feature here.

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