Photography Studio Hire
Christopher Kane

This month the Christopher Kane team set up shop in the photography studio to shoot for two days. It was great to have them over here in East London and see the inner workings of such an incredible collective! Christopher Kane is a British born designer whose career ignited after he won the prestigious Harrods Design Award for his MA collection. After graduating from Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design he embarked on his first independent show in 2006, which showcased super-short bandage dresses in eye catching neon shades; stating that as it was his first collection and he wanted to ‘go as bright as possible.’ This gained Kane international recognition in the fashion circuits and he has since upheld his superior reputation, collaborating with some of the greatest names in fashion and designing for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Versace. Kane’s designs are know for their innovation, and Kane has been delighting fans with his progressive collections that have made him a lasting household name. We loved having one of the most exciting names in fashion at SHED studios and hope they revisit us soon. Have a look and Christopher Kanes latest collection here.

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