Photography Studio Hire
Josh Hight

Earlier this month we had the brilliant photographer Josh Hight shoot designer Liam Hodges’ new collection and SHED photography studio in East London. After a closer look at Josh’s work we especially loved his personal projects, the clever paring of images really bringing to light a narrative within his pictures. Our favourite combination is the pictures above; the synchronicity of colours in the images complimenting each other and allowing one to build up a fuller picture of a possible situ in ones’ mind. We were also especially drawn to Josh Hight’s series ‘Pictures in Romania,’ a mixture of detailed portraits and urban landscape photographs, which specifically focus on repeated pattern in building work. The pictures are an honest portrayal of the culture and climate, and the people and places are not glamorised. The colours in the images further this gritty atmosphere, with muted tones and a lot of concrete greys present. We are excited to see the results of Hight’s collaboration with Liam Hodge and are sure it’s going to be fantastic. Have a browse of Hight's archive here

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