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Maria Marrone

This week at SHED we have spied a new little gem. Maria Marrone is a photographer and film maker, who was born in Venezuela but spent most of her upbringing in Florida, and now currently resides in Brooklyn. Very fresh, Marrone is still not yet out of University and studies at New York University of Film and Art History. Film is her preferred medium and she has a thought provoking piece which approaches the concept of her own identity, displayed on her web platform, but it is her photography which really caught our eye. All shot on film, and as far as we can tell 35mm, her work is very beautiful and lovely to observe. Her portraits are especially striking, out favourite series is of a young man, topless and beautifully lit. All her portraits have a wonderful quality, and she jumps with ease between black and white and colour imagery. All are intimate portrayals often photographed in a homely setting, for example a bedroom, and candidly captured, giving the impression that the photographer knows the sitters or they are comfortable with her and the camera. Instead of aiming to capture a moment of vulnerability or rawness, Marrone seems to present the subjects as just being; existing in their setting and relaxed in their surroundings. This doesn’t take away from interest in the images however, and one starts to appreciate that intrigue can materialise just by simply observing in an everyday setting. We will certainly be seeing more of Marrone, so keep an eye out, have a look at more of her beautiful pictures here. 

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