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Ethan James Green

This week in Dazed magazine we came across the work of photographer Ethan James Green. At SHED photography studio we love discovering new work and were very excited to stumble upon Green’s brilliant documentary style pictures. Largely photographing in black and white, as your scroll through Green's tumblr you see countless intriguing and unique faces, all his subjects selected to have something of interest about them. His sitters are far from the ordinary and make for exceptional viewing, beautifully poised to blur the lines between fashion and documentary photography. Living and working in New York, Ethan James Green’s monochrome portraits capture the radical spirit of the present young generation’s culture, in particular directing his lens to the city’s LGBT community and exploring constructs of gender and sexuality. For the past year this subculture has been at the forefront of Green’s work, selecting people straight off the street or discovering new subjects via social media. Green states that he intuitively scouts, and rather than searching for the most unusual subject he looks for faces which ‘shoot out’ at him. All of his subjects are tremendously striking and one can’t help but wonder about the individual’s life and story, we at SHED think that this is a certain recipe for a successful portrait and can’t wait to see what else Green has in the making. Of his ambitions for 2016, Green says his plan is to ‘continue working on my portrait book of Young New Yorkers – many from the transgender and queer communities’ which are set to include a new circle of Art and Fashion students, up and coming designers, fine artists, and non models. We cant wait to get our hands on the finished project, have a look at more if Ethan James Green’s imagery here

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