Photography Studio Hire
Sarah Louise Stedeford

Last year we had Sarah Louise Stedeford in the studio shooting Alexander Mcqueen’s collection. We were very excited to have both Sarah and the Mcqueen team with us at SHED and we loved the work they produced. Sarah is a London based photographer and is adept at blurring the lines between fashion photography and portraiture. Starting her journey into photography at school, she soon found that creating imagery gave her a sense of freedom that she had never experienced before. This sense of freedom certainly translates into her work, giving her fashion portraits an intimate feel that is difficult to capture. Sarah often plays with natural light, her subjects minimally made up and often photographed in black and white. She has produced a series entitle ‘Suburban Youth’ which is an interesting mix of suburban landscape and portraiture, the fresh faces of the suburbs communicating a story when linked in with the rest of the images. We at SHED love her relaxed aesthetic and think she produces consistently beautiful and charming imagery. Have a look at Sarah’s website here. 

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