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Emile Hyperion Dubuisson | FAR

Emile Hyperion Dubuisson’s ‘Far’ is a haunting collection of images taken on the rim of the Siberian Artic Circle in temperatures ranging from -20° to -50°. Emile originally went to Russia as an assistant director to a film crew shooting a documentary commissioned by a French Consultancy Firm. The extreme temperature conditions however meant that filming became incredibly difficult and so Dubuisson began making short trips around the local villages inhabited by gas workers, scientists and local reindeer herders taking photos with a small all-weather camera.


The small black and white photographs document the harsh extremes of Siberia’s desolate landscapes, there is a sadness captured in the abandoned station, a poverty in the dark empty streets. But as Boris Mikhailov states about Siberia in the foreword, ‘I know something of its magnificence, which encompasses everything: greyness and greenery, snow and taiga, solitude and freedom, severity and romance’. Herein lies the power of these photographs, it is the harsh, cold evidence throughout that it is possible to survive and flourish so far from contemporary life.


FAR is one of many gorgeous photography books that we stock here at SHED photography studios in East London, drop by our cafe STOPFIX and loose yourself in Dubuisson’s Siberia.

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