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Meinke Klein / Photography Review

It was great to have Meinke Klien shoot at the photography studio, particularly because we are massive fans of the work! working for magazines and shooting editorials for the likes of Bullet, Roller Coaster and Wonderland, Klein has developed an unorthodox way of presenting fashion imagery, employing phaux staged narratives and movement to create a narrative of action in relatively still images. They use photography studios and we like that, they are a fashion duo, two photographers hailing from Amsterdam, you can see that their work is made up of twoism, often using contradictory techniques like smiling models on the side of dangerous mountains, or pristine fashion girls mounted upon military climbing ropes, what’s next for this creative duo. We are excited to see Klien work at the studio and we are even more excited to see the latest work in Wonderland Magazine.

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