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Beauty Papers

Beauty papers is the first  biannual fashion magazine from collaborators Maxine Leonard and Valrie Wickes. We get through a lot of magazines here at SHED but once in an annual moon we stumble across another lovely piece of work, Beauty Papers is that lovely piece of work. A magazine that’s splitting the seams with page after page of quality photography, is it so hard to find these days? apparently so. Favourites include a beautiful still life shoot by photographer Nacho Alegre of high end junk stacked on top of one another, referencing the great photographer Irving Penn. At the other end of the scale we’ve got a real photographic shoot by Quentin De Briey which captures everything that is good and right about film / fashion. We haven't read all of the paper and that’s why we like it, we feel that we can dip in and out of it as the months go by, this is how the modern magazine should be in our opinion. For more editorials you can visit their website here: looking forward to #01 #02 ……….

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