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We have followed NOON photography magazine for the past few issues and it keeps on impressing us with the quality of photography and general content. Rare do we find a magazine that encapsulates the perfect balance of photography and fashion without screaming the big F word too loud, which most do. NOON speaks of sound photographic editing, this issue SS15 features a wonderful editorial by photographer MEL BLESS who works with D&V Management. D&V have worked at the studio in the past so its great to see this editorial by MEL, we are fast becoming big fans of her work, this editorial called LND>MIA looks at a sense of place, journey and style relevant to the destination, below the surface this is a very sophisticated editorial. We really liked the Adrian Henri poem at the beginning of the magazine called “Tonight at Noon” which goes a bit like this:


Tonight at noon

Supermarkets will advertise 3D extra on everything

Tonight at noon

Children from happy families will be sent to live in a home

Elephants will tell each other human jokes

America will declare peace on Russia

World war 1 veterans will sell poppies in the streets

The first daffodils of Autumn will appear


You need to buy NOON to read the rest of this but it’s really worth the treat, we are super happy with our copy of SS15. More work by the NOON team here:


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