Photography Studio Hire
Numero Homme / Jacob Sutton

Text By Charlotte Garner

Jacob Sutton's work has been spread across a lot of publications, and it goes without saying what incredible photographer he is. His work portrays that idea of motion which has inspired his work from the very beginning.

This shot taken from the Numero Homme's Spring/Summer 2015 edition, caught our eye with how beautifully composed the images are put together. The water adds another dimension to the images, giving it a more distinctive and creative flow to the usual photographic studio based work. It grasps the idea of how photographs can be interpreted into artistic pieces of work, as this editorial demonstrates perfectly. Whats fascinating is how every photographer is different, and how they interpret the blank canvas and make it their own. Composing images and stitching them together creates images that are significantly different but have a purpose making them striking. Jacob's work continues to inspire with how majestic images shot in a photography studio can be.

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