Brendan Olley / Co-founder of SHED / Lecturer in Image

Brendan Olley / Co-founder of SHED / Lecturer in Image

What do you do / What is your business?

SHED London

What else do you practice, recreation, time away from work?

Photography, Academic photographic context, cycling, allotment, running, wine, food.

SHED endorsement?

SHED has been my passion project for over 8 years where I have learned about the complexities of non-linear business and creativity, merging new visual languages with commercial needs. SHED allows me to explore further how the usage of Image expands across both personal photographic projects and commercial cultures, feeding into my practice as an academic explorer of visual culture. Being part of a broad mix of like-minded creative people allows me to enjoy my time in a truly unique and special city! I love it. I love London and feel SHED embodies that excitement of being inside this great city.