Edmund Dabney / Photographer

Edmund Dabney / Photographer

What do you do / What is your business?

Photographer specialising in Interiors and Architecture.

What else do you practice, recreation, time away from work?
Hiking, swimming, cross-fit, snowboarding, surfing, driving up mountains in my van, sitting inside on rainy days looking wistfully out the window, and I also run a small villa rental company with my sister in Puglia, Italy.
What's your website and social links?

www.edabney.com / Insta: @edmund_dabney

SHED endorsement?

I endlessly boast about SHED. I haven’t found anything else like it and often come in on weekends just to sit and have a coffee whilst it’s quiet. And when I do feel like talking, I couldn’t wish for a better group of people to work with. The drinking culture is also up to my high stands.